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Happy holidays!

Season's greetings everyone. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

No snow for Santa this year in our neck of the woods... Although snow is a nice treat to look at during the holidays, on the flip side, we won't have to shovel. Always look on the bright side. 🌞

Thank you for a wonderful 2023. I am so happy to be a part of your life. I had the privilege of caring for beautiful gardens with some great people. I loved designing new garden plantings and bringing them to life. I am looking forward to watching the new gardens develop in the coming years ahead.

As we await for Spring, if you find yourself longing for something different in your garden, please reach out and we can start the planning process so we are ready to go when the time is right. Until then, please watch over your plants during any dry periods this winter and don't be afraid to give them a drink if needed.

I wish you and yours the very best for a wonderful holiday. ❤️ See you in the spring!

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