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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

"I am blessed" is one of the terms that has been widely used in recent times by many. To me, it has lost a bit of its value as it has become so common.

I feel I can use it right now to its full value to describe how I am feeling about the people I have worked with and encountered while starting this new venture.

My clients are amazing people. Most of the people I have been creating gardens for and overhauling their overgrown gardens have opted to work alongside me. It has been fabulous! Not only have we created great garden spaces but we have enjoyed some great conversation, had great workouts and shared some laughs. Hopefully I have taught a little about gardening along the way.

The suppliers I have worked with have shown me that there are other suppliers outside of my old area with great products and exceptional service.

My family has been fantastic and supportive while I navigate the new waters of being on my own. The kids have helped water and care for the shrubs and perennials before they find their new homes at a client's property and Dave has given me an extra hand or two when I needed help with larger endeavors.

This may not be a conventional way of landscaping but I don't really think life is meant to be always conventional.

I am here to do what I love and help people along my path.

If you are looking to update your gardens or get your property into shape again, I am here to help. If you want to get your hands dirty and work with me, I'm good with that too.

Hoping our paths meet soon.

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