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Who turned up the heat?

Wow, she's hot!

Well fellow Canadians.... it is officially stinking hot. Technically Summer hasn't even started yet and we are in another heat wave. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself and your precious gardens going through the extra heat.

Water! Drink lots of water.

Splash a bit of orange juice into the mix to keep yourself hydrated and feeling fresh. Get creative with your water to make it more nourishing and interesting. Fruits, fresh mint, lavender, cucumber. Lots of great options. Smaller sips at a time rather than chugging water every couple of hours will help you manage the heat much better.

Working in the garden? Double or triple the amount of water you would normally drink. I tend to power right through, but in the heat, I know I have to stop to drink water or I won't make it to the end of the day.

Water your plants in the morning. For newly planted plants, an extra light watering at the end of the day may also be required. Don't forget the planters. Check your trees and give them water too.

Lawns should be watered deeply instead of frequently however in the excessive heat, an extra watering between days would be a good idea.

Don't cut the grass too short. Yes, it does look nice and neat shorter in the spring but that short grass burns out very quickly. Leave your lawns a bit higher (3-3 1/2") to help shade the grass roots and give you a healthier, green and weed free lawn.

Bring a spray mist bottle with you for immediate relief.

Don't forget the sunscreen. It may not keep you cooler but it will protect you from a higher risk of sunburn and melanoma.

Keep the pets cool inside and out of danger. Sometimes they just need to chill. They won't miss a long walk on a hot day.

It's time for you! Take a break, go have some fun out on the water, in the pool or if you've missed stopping to read a good book, make yourself a nice picnic and park yourself under the shade of a giant tree and give yourself time to indulge.

If the heat is too much for you to be working in the garden, I'm here to help keep your gardens looking great. You can watch me from the window!

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