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All in the details!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Ready for Spring!

  • Leaves cleaned up from the lawns, gardens and nooks and crannies around your property?

  • Shrubs all pruned and shaped naturally to remove last year's blooms, crossing branches, damaged branches?

  • Weeds cleared away?

  • Soil added to gardens to add nutrients?

  • Gardens mulched with premium mulch?

  • Garden edges redefined?

  • Lawns over-seeded to prevent future weeds?

  • Lawn equipment serviced and ready for action?

What's next?

Don't forget the edging!!!!

What a difference! There are many ways to spruce up your property. Add flower planters to your porch or gardens, mulch for sure, edge the gardens... these are things that we think about that instantly boost the appearance of your property.

Edging with a power edger along curbs, sidewalks and walkways screams professional. Stick edgers are good too but in my opinion, true edgers are stand alone machines built solely for that purpose. Not easy to find but happy that I have one.

We aren't looking to create ditches along the walkway, just a nice defined line. The initial spring edging will transform your property to the next level. After that, once or twice a month will keep the edges looking good throughout the season.

If you would like your edges done, please call or email and we can get that set up for you. Looking forward to meeting you!

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