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Be Stihl my heart!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

(OK, it only works if you pronounce it wrong but you get the point).

Happy Valentine's Day! Who needs chocolate when you can get new tools. Zero calories and way more fun!

I have always loved Stihl tools. We have blowers and trimmers that are well over 20 years old still working as well as the day they were bought.

My toolkit is ever evolving. I have my favourites that I use daily but I am always drawn to new ways to get things done as meticulously and efficiently as possible. This new addition battery powered hedge trimmer combo was a gift and I truly love it. I am waiting patiently for spring so I can get back out and use it.

For smaller shrubs, it is a great little machine.

Keep those great products coming STIHL.... thanks for the help.

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